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The House Just LOST (strategy)

Never judge a book...

One of the coolest things about New Vegas is the variety of factions in which you can place your allegiances. You can become anything from a lawless Powder Ganger to an upright soldier of the NCR, all the while fleecing every other faction in-between. You can only play Yojimbo for so long, however, and eventually you WILL have to start making permanent enemies.

My main allegiance was quite simple: the NCR. They seem to be the only alternative for bringing stability to New Vegas that, though totalitarian, isn’t competely INSANE. But before I sided with them during the Main Quest, I worked everybody else for just about everything they were worth, starting with Mr. House.

If you didn’t already know, Robert House is the 250+ year old autocratic asshole responsible for keeping the New Vegas Strip in its current encapsulated utopia (gee… sort of like a snowglobe). He’s basically a twisted combo of Walt Disney and Howard Hughes. You’ll learn quite a bit about him when you first visit his penthouse at the Lucky 38, initiating the multi-faceted quest “The House Always Wins.” You may go ahead and choose to side with House, doing his bidding like a bitch. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to immediately reap all the benefits provided by the Lucky 38 Casino. However, if you’re like me, you’ll want to put an end to his nostalgic charade of post-apocalpytic denial. The good news is that if you destroy House, you can still get most of the benefits of the Lucky 38.

First and foremost, 12,000 caps await to be deposited in your bank account… err, backpack… whatever. There are seven snowglobes to be found around the Mojave Wasteland, and to Mr. House they’re worth 2,000 caps apiece. So why then just settle for 12,000 caps instead of 14,000? Well, unfortunately, one of the snowglobes resides in the Lucky 38’s exclusive Cocktail Lounge, accessible only when you decide to buddy up with Mr. House and set his plans into motion. But that’s okay. We’re not greedy. Just make sure you exchange the other six with Jane, House’s Securitron sex companion (guess it would have to be virtual sex… you’ll see for yourself why I say that).

Secondly, after House is… taken out of the equation… you’ll STILL gain access to the best safehouse of the game, the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite! Neither the Prima Guide nor the Fallout Wiki seem to mention this little tidbit, but it’s true. The suite is yours, and you do not have to side with the wack job. Not only is it a pretty cool pad, but it’s the only upgradable safehouse in the game!

And after the geezer is gone, even the Securitrons will acknowledge you as the new boss (sort of)… because just when you thought you were finished with the Lucky 38, there’s a hell of a lot more. If you’ve already taken care of Benny, go back to his room on the 13th floor of the Topps Casino and talk to his former Securitron, Yes Man. This will start you on potentially a whole new course of action for taking New Vegas with a couple massive quest lines.

So what are you waiting for? Put the old bastard out of his misery and claim your domain in New Vegas!


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